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SecuroGroup protects communities with Safer City technology.

Collaborating with agencies, companies and communities, we provide consulting, project management and managed services to help customers connect physical security assets back to police, emergency services, their partners and themselves.

We also provide smart, secure, managed networking services with special messaging technology, to enable people to nominate and connect their public facing CCTV cameras to police and emergency services, ensuring safer cities for all.

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Our Story

Our story starts in 2011 with founder Scott Bain witnessing a violent assault on a client’s CCTV monitor. He had a “lightbulb” moment.

What if live CCTV video could be easily connected with Police, just when it was needed and available to Police resources…. without costing huge amounts like Scott had observed whilst living in the US.

Challenges were obvious; CCTV video streams need to be secured, audit-able, protective of privacy but at the same time easily and simply shared over existing networks and infrastructure.

Scott was working with NZ Police so knew delivering video in real time to could save vital minutes in callout time.

With deep expertise in closed circuit TV and secure adaptive networking Scott’s SecuroGroup team were uniquely placed to convergence these worlds.

Scott and lead engineer Chris Wiggins set to work. Within weeks they built our first secure and independent sharing prototype – the predecessor to today’s vGrid Safer City platform.

First partners were Auckland Transport and New Zealand Police.  The concept was an immediate success along the rail network.

From that standing start things moved quickly with Scott and the team rapidly adding stadiums, local business associations, and larger commercial organisations to the platform.


SecuroGroup not only help you set this up for your city or town but also offer a full-service offering to connect your community with public safety.

With thousands of cameras already connected to New Zealand’s Safer City Grid we are the market leader in city wide networked CCTV.

We’ve made big strides since 2011, and although there’s still a long way to go, we’re getting closer to our promise – providing police and emergency services eyes across our cities to help them to keep our communities safer.

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